Friday, 2 May 2014

Why Wait?

A friend of mine once told me that a lot of young people are caught off guard and they shriek and shiver whenever they see a poster that reads ‘Why Wait’. What is the harm in those two words? I was told that this makes them gasp like fish in a poisoned pond.  Some even vow that they will, for the rest of their lives, never look or glance let alone read the words again even at gun point.

However, the words are not offensive any way. In fact, the words only ask a fundamental question that needs an honest response - not in public but in young people's  individual minds. I ask the friend why that is so and his reason was very simple- Just like in Lawi’s song, ‘they are in a hurry’.

Why should the youth wait brings me to think and ponder deeply on this issue and I came up with a lot of reasons why the youth should wait. I looked beyond the horizon of my thoughts and came up with some critical elements in young people’s lives. Then I critically examined the things that make the youth to be in a hurry.

Believe me, among the notable issues I realised that the youth are always in a hurry to start having sex no matter how young they are. They feel it is a sign of valor and heroism to have multiple sex partners. They are always in a hurry, they feel a condom is just a derailing factor as such they indulge in unprotected sex,  they are always in a hurry  so much that they have no time to go for HIV Testing let alone seeking any SRH service or information. They do things without information.

For your sake, I will look at a few reasons why you should wait. Firstly, you have one life! Secondly, you haven’t seen anything yet, there are so many good things out there and remember- ‘life begins at 40!’ There will come a time when the world will lean on your shoulders! You are the only hope for the future of this generation and without you there is no tomorrow! The list is endless and may it keep on flowing in the minds of all young people…You have so many reasons that should make you wait

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