Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Problems that Malawians Share are Greater than the Things that Divide them

In a few days to come, official results for the just ended elections will be out and there is need to maintain our peace. An election is somehow closely related to a competition in the sense that after the electorates have cast their ballots, there usually emerges a victor. It is always heartrending when you or your candidate loses an election but it is understandable since every one cannot be a winner and we all should know and acknowledge this fact.

 The beauty of such a democratic election like the Tripartite Election (TPE) that Malawi recently had is that the majority carries the day. Once the official results are out, let those that vied and won positions in the just ended elections lead and fulfill the promises they made to the youth, women and children of this country.

 In delivery of what they were voted for, everyone stands an equal chance of benefiting from their services irrespective of whether you voted for or against them. I sincerely believe that this fact gives each one of us a reason to continuously take part and engage them so as to make sure that our concerns and societal challenges are being addressed in a cordial and agreeable manner possible.

Our democracy is no longer an infant; let us manage the results of the just ended election in a mature manner as good citizens of the ever peaceful Malawi nation. Nobody in the world has ever benefited from causing havoc and to think along such lines is a gross enigma and such mindsets are responsible for failure of economically promising states and individuals. There is no reason to fight against each other simply because of mere differences in political party affiliations. Malawians suffer from poverty, hunger, unemployment etc and our concerns really revolve around these matters and not just mere disparities in ethnicity, religion or political affiliations. The problems we share are far much greater than the things that divide us.

All the frontrunners in the just ended election promised us a lot once they ascend to power. Now they got our votes and what remains is for us to take them to task if they are failing to deliver. Let the election guide us as we reflect on the areas we did a good job and if there are other areas our community should work on in terms of handling the next elections.

The youth should remember that they are nobody’s toy soldiers and every political leader should also bear in mind that the youth have a lot to benefit in a violent free nation like ours. The youth need to go to school, venture into businesses and explore other avenues all of which are not possible in a country where there is mayhem in its backyard.

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