Wednesday, 7 May 2014

ICT Era and the prevention of STIs and unwanted pregnancies Among the Youth

In most developing countries it has been noted that the youth do not have an easy access to Information and Communication Technologies. However, it is an undeniable fact that ICT can bring change to the society.The youth, especially those who live in remote areas face a lot of problems due to lack of information.Such young people are being infected with HIV and STI’s; they are getting unwanted pregnancies since they lack information on such issues. All in all they need to know about their sexual and reproductive health issues.It is very heartrending to note that many young people and adults who live in rural areas are computer illiterate and a very few own cellphones.The greatest advantage of ICT tools is that they can even reach out to the remotest areas of a country.With this advantage, the tools can be used to create information center that should serve the purpose of HIV/AIDS infections among the rural youth. ICT is capable of improving access to information and raising awareness levels of people. Furthermore, modern day communication technologies are also proficient in promoting access to Comprehensive Sexuality Education and they are very reliable when it comes to youth friendliness in disseminating SRH messages and information.YONECO has a number of resource centers where the youth go to access information ranging from SRH to human rights and democracy. It is there very imperative for other NGOs and the government to consider the establishment of such centers as well.

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