Friday, 29 November 2013

We Can Tactfully Arrest Rape

 A six year old girl was raped by a thirty four year old man as she was going to play with friends and a thirteen year old girl was raped by an uncle and the uncle threatened to bewitch her if she reveals this to a living soul. These incidents tread on children’s rights as well as human rights.
Rape dehumanizes and disgrace women in the society. This wildish act has ruined a lot of girls and women whose futures were very promising. Both the government and Non Governmental Organizations are advocating against such immoralities and the culprits really need to be punished severely by the law. There is need for stiff penalties so that no one should dare do this kind of beastly and barbaric act.
Apart from the law, we still need to make our societies better and stronger. We must secure our societies by reducing or eliminating the risks of such incidents. We must make women and girls stronger and knowledgeable enough to evade such circumstances. There are certain measures that could help us reinstate women’s and girl’s sense of dignity and secure in the society.
What I am trying to propose are some few measures that could be used to reduce the incidences of rape and they are as follows
  •   Never let children to go to faraway places alone. Sometimes you may wonder to see a little girl alone and using paths or roads that are not frequently used and this practice puts the leaders of tomorrow at a higher risk of being attacked by rapists.
  •  There should always be a male family member when ever girl children are playing outside just to keep an eye on them.
  •   Young girls should not play outside the comfort of their homes when at sunset.  Such times are dangerous as the assailants may attack under the cover of darkness.
  •   Children must avoid making unknown contacts with unknown people, children must be taught not to get close to strangers and that some people can use different items and ploys just to make them easily fall prey to their tricks.
These measures are applicable to every society and it is the duty of parents or guardians to ensure that they have set forth these rules and they should not lose their grip on them. We can save society and we can reinstate the dignity of women and girls on earth.
We can save time and resources that are spent on investigating and prosecuting rape cases if we could only apply the necessary measures to avoid the incidences. Once we are able to deal with the barbarism, our time and energies will then be focused on other important sectors like education, health and poverty alleviation activities.
However, the challenge is that people may not be willing to put the measures into practice. Thus, to avoid this foreseen circumstance, there is need for massive awareness meetings in order to make people ready to evade the scenarios. The measures are helpful if we could all agree to adopt them in order to tactfully arrest rape.
However, we could also look at some rape scenarios and examine how assailants managed to seize opportunities to rape someone. In this way, we could collectively come up with other measures of arresting the crime. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?


Polska said...

I love the ideas...that shows somebody cares for our little girls and their future...I support the proposed actions and let them be put into practice..

Donnie said...

I would love to be the first watchdog of our little girls so that if somebody is caught, not only faces the law but let our Almighty God not forgive him if possible!!! Indeed lets secure all children playing grounds as well as letting them be accompanied by elder people, otherwise these hungry men without brain will ruin the future accountants and presidents..

Anonymous said...

polska and Donnie that's it we shouldn't just wait for law enforcers to do their job when such incidents happen.we also have a role to play.