Friday, 15 November 2013

Building Women’s Self-confidence

Now it is good that it is a widely known fact that women are capable of doing things that were thought to be predominantly male tasks. Individually or collectively they have the ability to make a positive difference for this and for generations to come. 

The question that ringers in most people’s heads remains, ‘why are the women still lagging behind the men when it comes to leadership and holding decision making positions?’ if there are some areas that need to be explored to change this, now is the time to do so.

It is high time Peace loving Malawians embraced the idea of equity so as to ensure gender equality in the designated communities where we live in. some women out there also need some schooling on gender equity and equality. Some women look down upon themselves or upon their fellow women believing that only men are capable of leading the way. Such women are so indoctrinated, either by culture of their abusive husbands and they tend to believe that they are incapacitated by their femininity. This is also the kind of mentality they instill in the minds of their daughters who grow up to be dependent on men for everything just like their mothers.
The Millenium Development Goal number 3 is achievable and to do so will also need us to tackle this kind of mentality whereby some women have an overwhelming inferiority complex about their femaleness.

For emphasis’ sake, a good example could be that of widows who thought everything is up for them after the demise of their husbands. Later on in life they made it after opening up their eyes then start thinking about their children and realize that there is no one else but themselves who can turn their family’s financial woes. There are a lot of such female headed households that are doing much better economically all due to their hard working spirit to an extent that they are better off than some male headed households. This is one of the numerous proofs we have to illustrate the point that women are capable only that sometimes they underrate themselves.

There is need for considerable career guidance talks to young girls in primary and secondary schools. Successful women are also supposed to get organized and do something to make their fellow women understand that being a woman does not imply anything negative
Women are the ones who raised CEOs, ministers, presidents and all significant people we see in our society today and they cannot fail to take up such positions themselves. Girls are born with equal capabilities as boys but it is the society that changes the order of things and makes the girl child learn otherwise. In this light, there is also need for some efforts to be directed towards building their self confidence.


Unknown said...

Interesting. Indeed time has come to redefine gender roles and its influence on our daily lives. Yes awareness should be done across the board and interventions to address gender equality should embrace male involvement as well.

Donald Siyeni said...

Good insights of gender....however, we also need to ensure that the society is not only aware of gender needs, but also gender sensitive. Not stopping at gender sensitive, but also gender response so that both practical and strategic gender needs are met..

Unknown said...

Nice piece! As a woman I am more than convinced that women and all other players can DO much more than talking.It is not enough to have all these Gender laws and policies, but Action matters, and We can Act Now.