Thursday, 28 November 2013

Good Parenting and Prosperity

 A prosperous society is a result of good parenting. Millions of children across the globe are living and growing up without being looked after properly. The lack of good parenting skills cause a lot of problems in the society and it is not easy to mend such a society.
Children are neglected, abandoned or separated from their families as a result of a wide range of factors and most of the times children end up in institutional care centres. It is sad to note that a good number of street children that roam around in towns and cities have one or both parents living. Issues of divorce affect the wellbeing of children.
Therefore, working with parents is often the most effective way of ensuring skillful upbringing of the children. Unprotected children who live and sleep in the streets may easily fall prey to human traffickers. This type of life also exposes them to some other harsh conditions that children should be protected from.
Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) is implementing parenting programmes that are being supported by Hivos with an aim of promoting child rights. The organisation conducts trainings to child protection workers inorder to sensitize the community on the issues pertaining to good parenting.
My plea to all stakeholders is that they should play an active role in civic educating the world so as to secure children’s future. If we want a better and prosperous tomorrow, we must first of all nurture the children today and rest will be very easy.

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