Monday, 25 November 2013

Children’s Concerns and Tithandizane Helpline

Children all over the world are among the most vulnerable and least able to get information, support and help when they are in need. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child emphasises that no child should be left alone.
Children need the opportunity to get help anywhere and all times but in most cases children suffer in silence. They face different kinds of abuses from everyone around them including their parents and their close relatives.

 Upon seeing that many abused children find themselves clueless and with nowhere to seek help, YONECO introduced Tithandizane child helpline in the year 2006. This is a toll free number where there are well trained and qualified counsellors ready to help them. When children are abused or  feel that their needs are ignored or misunderstood by adults or others around them they go for YONECO’s child helpline service or they just  simply dial 80001234. The helpline being a toll free number, it gives a chance to those children who cannot afford to pay for the calls.

Adults who also have the welfare of children at heart use this number to tip YONECO on the abuses that are being faced by a child or children in their areas.

 The service also involves outreach activities whereby a helpline team of counsellors go out to different localities to conduct outreach activities. The aim is to reach out to children who are unable to reach the service through phone either due to lack of knowledge of the service or because they cannot manage to find a phone to call the helpline number. Furthermore, other children do not report different kinds of abuses they face in their day to day lives because they are not aware of the rights which the constitution bestowed on them.  Thus, inconsideration of these aforementioned factors, YONECO goes out to the areas with fully packed messages for the leaders of tomorrow. This is a commendable effort to ensure that all children in this country are given an opportunity to speak out their concerns and be heard as well.

 Ever since this innovation came into play, a lot of children who were facing different kinds of abuses have been bailed out from the hardships after they or someone called the helpline.
Let them speak out as the Tithandizane Helpline does in creating the proper channels for their voices to be heard!!!

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