Saturday, 7 December 2013

For Children with Special Needs

This first time I am writing about this and I wanted to write about mental disorders that are affecting the youths nowadays. Each and every child born is special, which includes children born with complications or disorder.
Everyone has a right to have a proper childhood, if you know what I mean. Children really need a lot and among the most basic provisions are to have proper nutrition, good education and effective healthcare systems.
 Apart from all the things I have mentioned above, children also greatly need love and care for them to grow up into adulthood and this is where parents come in. Being a parent is not an easy thing and it is more challenging to raise a child with a physical or mental disorder. This is because children in this group need special treatment or resources to help them so that they should have similar opportunities with other children.
Parents should shower their children with love and the parents also need to be very patient with their children. Parents should never look down on their children's potential and should never be ashamed with their children no matter what. The society should also be more open-minded and come forward with initiatives that are aimed at supporting children who have special needs.

It’s time to advocate for the Protection of Children with Special Need’s Rights…

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