Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Family violence and Wellbeing of Children

The question that I always ask myself is, ‘do parents know that domestic violence affect their children in many different ways?’

‘Family violence’ famously known as domestic violence takes several forms and it maybe physical, psychological or sexual. Sadly still, older members of a family are usually the ones who inflict violence either on each other or upon younger family members. It is heartrending that in some households a day cannot pass without parents or relatives getting themselves into a violent scenario.
Whether domestic violence is instigated upon the older family members or upon the younger ones the result is roughly the same to the children. The impact that family violence has on children is too great to care whether it is the child, the mother or aunt who is under such fire. Seeing different scenes of violence between their parents or the people they love and trust can affect young children as much as the one being victimized.

Thus, I feel that children are always at the receiving end of such violence and the price of it is too bad and cannot be easily estimated. Children who witness regular acts of violence in their homes have greater emotional and behavioral problems than other children from peaceful households. Such children are profoundly frightened and disturbed.
In most cases, children who are growing up in an abusive household learn to solve problems with violence. Their young minds are trained by either their violent parents or relatives that peace is a waste of time- a very sad notion to be in the mind of an otherwise innocent soul.

The seeds of violence are planted in early stages of children’s lives. As they grow up, the violent nature that is instilled by the conduct of older violent family members also grows and sometimes it even exceeds the levels of whom they copied from. They cause problems in their adult relationships and marriages.

Children learn at a tender age and think that it is acceptable and normal to behave in a brutal and degrading way to other people, as they have witnessed violent episodes each and every day of their lives.
Children who are psychologically affected by exposure to violence could still be treated and all they need is appropriate support and counseling. There are professional, reliable organizations and institutions that help partners to confront and change their destructive behaviors. YONECO is one of the leading organizations that provide counseling and guidance to the affected and survivors of domestic violence.

Do you know that you can protect children who are affected by family violence by reporting to the rightful authorities? You are part of the solution, please report domestic violence!





Polska said...

It reminds mi of a certain novel I read with such domestic violence and how it affected de daughter...de only child infact...indeed its time we call it dead coz the innocent child deserve a better life and future..its no good to doom your child future coz of our adult differences...she/he might have born loving and considerate towards others..

Lwenda said...

my only advise to the victims is that they should learn and endure to do the opposite of domestic violence wen they are growing. I mean their actions should be contrary to what they witnessed in their lives...loving their husband or wife like no other!!

Gladys said...

Thanks for being there looking at issues that affect our daily lives and providing solutions that one day one can live to cherish. Violence should not be part of our lives, especially being a Malawian. I will to emulate the principles of Mandiba.

I just wanted to ask the yoneco team: "what does it take for one to become a counsellor? Do the counsellors you have specific to de field of study?

Mkozi said...

We all have a role to play if we join hands since in unity everything is possible.
Suffice to say that children brought from parents who have background of domestic violence many of them end up being cruel to others when they turn to be productive citizens.Such is the trend because it is perpetuated by the fact that there are two leading causes to domestic violence and these are namely DESTRUCTIVE and HARMFUL ILLUSIONS.
Destructive is a situation where by the other person is regarded as an outcast in this case say ''Your not a man/woman'' etc whereas harmful is whereby has fancy feelings that he or she is made a whole and attains happiness from his or her spouse or partner thus when a problem occurs and tries to seek counsel is told to endure the pain since marriage or affair is all about endurance.

Anonymous said...

thanks Gladys for your question,well for one to be a counselor Professionally has to study Counselling from any recognised institution to be a qualified counsellor. The Counsellors in YONECO are both Professionals and Para-counsellors and they specifically deal with issues affecting Children, youth and women.

Gladys said...

Faithzumazuma, thanks for the feedback. We need people who can change the mindset of people like what Mandiba was, So let exposure and capacity building be part of your objectives, otherwise don't assume they know everything, they can instead mislead clients!

Chrissy... said...

Seriously faithzumazuma am just liking to be going through your articles, they are just dwelling on the issues which are really affecting the youths of today. Nice job and keep it up am getting help here

Afade said...

Hey faithzumazuma what kind of counseling and guidance do you give as YONECO to these affected ones? Maybe we can learn from you.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy thanks so much for taking the time to read.i really appreciate your positive feedback.

Anonymous said...

Afade thanks for asking,at YONECO we offer psychosocial counseling to those who are traumatized,we schedule counseling sessions between the affected and the counselor,this helps to recognize negative thoughts or mindset and replace them with positive thoughts.as for guidance we conduct career guidance talks in different schools here in Malawi.

James Abram said...

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