Tuesday, 2 July 2013

' Towards Adolecsent Girls' Empowerment'

Adolescent girls who are marginalized, out of school, married at a very tender age, living in poor households, subjected to harmful cultural practices, vulnerable to violence and sexual coercion, and with limited access to comprehensive sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health as well as HIV and AIDS services are at risk of getting early and unwanted pregnancies not to mention of early deaths. 

 Let us unite and hold our hands to make sure that deliberate interventions are put in place to guarantee full protection of the aforementioned adolescent girls. This is in regardless of whether they are in the urban or rural settings, compassion has no boundaries. Furthermore, it is very sad and disheartening to see their internationally agreed inalienable rights being infringed upon by unheeding citizenry. The protection from such ordeals needs to be encompassing if we are to create a peaceful and a fair society.

Do not let adolescent girls suffer such insurmountable ordeals in each and every moment of their lives. A better tomorrow begins with them and the best things they will be given today will also trickle down to their progeny. But if we are sowing seeds of hate, by letting them suffer in a democratic country, then the future holds nothing but a society full of hate, cruelty and animosity.    

Young girls need good education, good health care services as well as protection and to be precise, they have a freedom from want as provided for in our republican constitution. Once they get the necessary social safety nets plus a good education, they will be able to live independent and happy lives.  

Malawi as a nation and Malawians as a people need to fashion an enabling environment for mental development of its young girls so as to ensure happy generations after the demise of this generation. It is high time we invested for a better tomorrow and the time is now.

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