Thursday, 18 July 2013


Malawi is among the countries in the world that realize the need to enhance the rights of girls. Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) is among the NGOs that are on the forefront to ensure that pertinent interventions and mechanisms to ensure the promotion and protection of the girls’ rights are in place.

Currently, the organization is implementing a number of projects that are geared towards advocating for the fulfillment of the aforesaid intention. A recent milestone that is worth mentioning is the remarkable success in the ‘Say No to Gender Based Violence’ campaign. The success was registered in the UNFPA supported project called United Nations Joint Programme on Adolescent Girls (UN-GPAG) Project.

A total of 2,500 adolescent girls were planned to be reached out with messages aimed at empowering as well as equipping them with knowledge on issues that concern their inalienable rights. The ‘Say No to Gender Based Violence’ campaign surpassed the expected number of girls to be reached out by 820. It is not a minor accomplishment to reach out to 3320 in a single campaign and in only two Traditional Authorities (T/As).
The areas surrounding Traditional Authorities Masache and Katuli in Chikhwawa and Mangochi districts were reportedly to have a high number of GBV cases instigated on adolescent girls. Such success stories are guaranteeing a positive outcome in the battle against GBV.

Several of similar activities are on the line-up. YONECO and its implementing partners in the UN-GPAG project are more than ready to abolish GBV that has been affecting adolescent girls for too long a period! Are you?

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lemani said...

We really need to tighten up our belts. GBV is not supposed to be a thorn in our fresh in this civilized era!