Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Take on HIV/AIDS and the Youth.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic remains one of the greatest health challenges facing the world today. It is heartbreaking to note that prevalence is also very high among the youths. The youths carry hopes for every nation’s future and if they are lost it means the world is lost as well. They also form a larger percentage of our society and their early demise entails an inevitable lost generation.

Many capable and resourceful youths who could have contributed to the development of their countries are dying of the disease leaving behind helpless old people and orphans.

There is an imminent danger that lies ahead of us in relation to the aforesaid challenge which emanates from HIV predominance among the youths. In view of this fact, several organizations and institutions are very active sending HIV and AIDS awareness messages in an attempt to scale down the spread of the virus. Furthermore, a good number of such significant messages are meant to cater for HIV/AIDS information needs of the youth. Conversely, the youth are still indulging themselves in promiscuous behaviours that put them at the risk of infecting their youthful blood with the virus. Thus, the high prevalence of HIV among the youth is not a result of lacking information or ignorance but it is mainly due to an arrogance nature that is commonly associated with young people.   

In this view, it is awfully shocking to discover that someone so young decides to shatter his or her whole future just for youthful pleasures that only last for a few years. The problem is that many of them do not value their lives, they only think about today and do not give a thought about their tomorrow. They are so blinded by youthhood so much that they do not take heed of wise counsel which is offered for free and available in unimaginable quantities.

There are scenarios whereby some male and female university students, who reside outside their designated school compasses, live together in one house. This also fuels reckless sexual encounters among them. Furthermore, the young male students also happen to have other partners as well and likewise their female counterparts who also go out with sugar daddies. The web does not end there because the old men also have their wives plus many other sexual partners.

Do you think the messages are not enough? What do you think could be done to supplement the efforts that are aimed at reducing the spread of HIV?..

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