Thursday, 16 January 2014

Perceptions of the Youth on SRH

Young people have expectations in their individual lives and this happens to be what guides their day to day endeavours. This is what informs them on how they spend their time, energy and resources. Aspirations differ from one young person to another and this is hale and hearty except that some things that young people desire are inconceivable and dangerous. 

These are issues concerning how they perceive alcohol, drugs and how they make out their sexual and reproductive life as well. How do you keep your distance from these things?

 I know that my fellow young people out there form opinions on whatever phenomenon they perceive in this world. However, what matters is how they perceive as well as analyze the things they see. Every young person out there really needs to ask him or herself how they perceived their lives on the three topical issues I have raised above. Are the opinions you formed in 2013 on alcohol and drugs as well as on your sexual reproductive health worth pursuing in 2014? Is there any prospective benefit in whatever choice you made?  

These are seemingly dull and simple questions but the big deal comes into play when one starts answering them with sobriety and honestly.

In the years I have spent in this world, both as a little  child and now as a young man, I have come to terms with the adage that states that ‘a child is father to a man’. My fellow youth should know that whatever we do as young people will determine who we are going to be as adults. Our childhood choices will definitely creep into our adulthood. The men and women we will become in the near future will be shaped by who we are today and what we are doing today.

Choices keep young people out of prison; keep them safe, alive and the very same choices if made without thinking properly  also lead to the opposite direction. Now the question is; how do young people today perceive the issues pertaining to their Sexual Reproductive Health? Do we really know that our sexual reproductive health is an issue of life or death or we dismiss such an issue as some kind of a joke?

Perceptions and choices on your sexual reproductive health mattered then and still matter now more especially in this New Year!

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