Friday, 29 June 2018

21 Year Old Youth Hails YONECO Internship Programme

YONECO’s Youth Development Programme was designed to prepare young people to ably fit as leaders and enable them to positively contribute towards the development of Malawi. Thus, in thois programme area, YONECO also established a Youth Internship Programme whereby young graduates from various tertiary institutions are recruited to gain hands-on experience.

The story of 21-year old Vita Mithi is one of positive outcomes of the youth internship programme. Vita joined YONECO after obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health from Livingstonia University. Vita’s internship was for six months, a period which he calls “a transition stage from a young graduate to an employable and responsible youth”.

During his tenure as an intern, Vita was imparted with knowledge on various practical aspects of work including; facilitation skills, community mobilization, as well as case management.
“I was motivated by the way YONECO operates and I knew that passing through the institution will help me in terms of gaining more knowledge and skills”, said Vita.

 “This prompted me to apply for internship at YONECO with the hope to learn what really transpires on the ground, as well as giving out the knowledge that I had acquired from school in my field of study.” Explains Vita.

Apart from having a hands on experience, Vita was also given an opportunity to support other young people and he contributed positively to the development of other young people as well.

Mithi was also tasked to handle computer lessons that targeted young people at YONECO’s Drop in Centre in the district so much that over 20 young people benefited from his services.

Soon after his internship, Vita got employed by World Vision and below were his parting words; ‘As an intern, you get exposed to various things within the work environment - internship is a very important journey which young graduates should go through. I am now very confident that I will be able to perform.’

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