Monday, 18 May 2015

Young People; Let’s Stay Away from Drug and Substance Abuse

Young people are exposed to a number of hard drugs and substances which they use to feel what they call ‘high’. Sadly, these drugs and substances are habit-forming and the addiction has several related negative consequences which include; academic difficulties, Poor peer relationships, increase in crime rate, family conflicts, the community and health related problems.

In education, the use of drugs lead to general decline of academic performance among young users and increases school dropouts among other things.

In terms of health, drug users risk physical as well as mental health disorders and this sometimes leads to death and a loss to the society.

Hard drugs lead to the spread of HIV as well as STIs and this is one aspect which most users do not know. When one is under the influence of drugs, he or she is likely to engage in casual and unprotected sex. Thus, unplanned pregnancies and contraction of HIV as well as STIs are among SRH issues that are connected to the use and abuse of drugs and substances.

Young people should do all they can to stay away from drugs. Further to this, it is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that young people are keeping their distances from drugs and negative peer pressure should be discouraged. Counselling among those who are addicted to drugs should not be ignored – Young people who are addicted to drugs should be referred to institutions that offer counselling and rehabilitation.

Together We Can Change The Youth!!!

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