Friday, 8 May 2015

The Youth are Suffering Amidst Plenty in Malawi- Know where you can Access SRH Services

The government of the republic of Malawi and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are trying their best to make sexual reproductive health services accessible to young people.
The government, through its public health centres, has established   Youth Health Friendly Service Centres where SRH services are provided to young people for free.

Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) also provides counselling as well as SRH information and other related services for free through the Tithandizane National Helpline. Through this initiative, young people can get SRH information and counselling services using the toll free Tithandizane Helpline number - 8000 1234.

Furthermore, the organization also has Youth Drop In Centers where young people access condoms and SRH information.  The youth who are in Ntcheu and Rumphi districts have all the reasons to smile because YONECO, with support from UNICEF, established model Drop In Centres where the youth have an option of getting information from the internet.  All this – free of charge!

Further to this, apart from the government and YONECO’s SRH services, other NGOs and institutions also provide these services to young people. The services are there right in your community; it is simply an issue of knowing where to find them within your locality.

 There are so many places where you, as a young person, can get free SRH services and information.  It is heartrending to note that young people in Malawi are ‘dying of thirst while their legs are dipped in plenty of water’.  

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