Monday, 14 April 2014

We Should Vote Wisely

As we are getting closer to the Tripartite Elections on 20thMay, 2014, politicians are busy distributing handouts in order to entice people to vote for them.
They give us money, yes!But remember to vote for candidates who have the potential to develop our communities and the country as a whole. It is a tradition of politicians to use the youth as their campaign tools and once they ascend to power,they totally forget what they promised them.We need a breed of Politicians who will initiate and implement strategies that will empower the youth in all spheres of life.

My plea to the youth is that they should not be attracted to handouts.The only change the handouts can effect in young people is nothing but a dependency syndrome.Do not perceive handouts from unscrupulous aspirants as an indicator of good and wise leadership, manifesto's are enough to instruct your choice of a good candidate or political party.

I urge all the youth to consistently attend campaign meetings and follow the events as they unfold to avoid voting for wrong people. Furthermore, there is also need to listen to political debates on the radio so as to know who is who and what he or she can do to develop this country.

Let us take an active part, our vote is very vital

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