Thursday, 24 April 2014

Ever gone for STI’s/HIV Test?

The youth have been told countless times about the advantages of going for HIV or STI’s tests. However,I have noticed that the messages just go on deaf ears. It’s like the youth don’t care about their lives anymore. 

I was shocked when I read IPAS statistical data that globally, 4.6 million Young people are living with HIV and 2,300 are infected each day. Most young people are fond of saying ‘I am safe; STIs and HIV are for the older generation so why should I bother myself to undergo such an exercise?’

Have you ever sat down to consider the advantages and disadvantages of either going for STI or HIV test or not? For a start, having knowledge is always better than living in utter ignorance of your own body and getting tested puts you in a very good position to know yourself? Furthermore, the knowledge will eventually help to protect lives of many people including you.That applies to both possibilities, whether you are HIV positive or negative.Most STIs are curable, but when they are left unattended to for a longer period of time,they bring about undesirable and everlasting consequencies like sterility.

Combating the spread of HIV and STIs is the duty of every responsible young person and it’s high time the youth got serious about their Sexual Reproductive Health. There is need to participate positively to the development of our country. My plea to the youth is that you should not shun HIV and STI testing.Whenever you are in doubt; please do not hesitate to seek guidance from Youth centers, Clinics, Youth Friendly HealthService Providers and many other institutions that deal with sexual and reproductive health issues.

Make a right decision for you and your partners!!!

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