Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Tripartite Elections and Young People’s Aspirations

Ciao Young people from across Malawi! Days are fast approaching to the much talked and often written about tripartite elections and the issue based campaign. I hope you are all conversant with this and if not, there is still a lot of time to acquaint yourself through a number of ways and the very best one being asking.

 Do not let the forth coming 20 May tripartite elections be like an everyday occurrence. It is something special and important in its own right so much so that Young people are bound to benefit a lot from it.

Young people ought to be at the helm of a nation’s development initiatives and this is an obligation. However, you may have been failing to contribute effectively in the last four or five years due to a number of factors. An opportunity has once again presented itself once again after five years and you better get hold of it – The onus is in your hands.

Young people really need to know that they are supposed to actively participate in the electoral process if they are to enjoy the fruits of their right to vote. In this light, attending political campaign rallies is essential as they will need to clearly grasp the essence of each and every manifesto in order to make right choices. 

Young people are also supposed to make sure that their designated wards have come up with clear and comprehensive social contracts for the candidates. There is need to be smart and It is necessary to desist from the yeast of politicians. There are some unruly politicians who erroneously think that young people are ruffians whose only value is in causing violence and mayhem for them to make irrational political statements.

The issue based campaign initiative presents an opportunity for young people to convey their needs, visions and aspirations to whoever will be voted into power. Thus, a social contract that is in line with a particular office’s mandate will definitely have a bearing to the realisation of your displeasures and aspirations as young people.


 The electoral governing body in Malawi will, on the 21st of March, 2014, officially open the campaign period. This is the time whereby the constituents will be gesturing the candidates to articulate the strategies they will employ to address the social concerns that will be outlined on the forms. Let us remember to include cases of the youth, women and children. 


Unknown said...

Yes! let the campaign begin but Lemani, the violence that is being perpetrated by some people may spoil things...young people should take care

lemani said...

Yes, violence-free campaign is every good citizen's wish. The youth have their wishes and violence is not among their wishes. I would be a happy person to see young voters actively participating in the electoral processes with their social contracts in hand!