Thursday, 6 March 2014

IWD and Progress in Achieving Gender Equality

8 March is an International Women’s Day (IWD) and this year’s theme is “equality for women is progress for all”. The day is celebrated by women activists across the globe each year on the aforestated day.
IWD was marked by the United Nations since 1975 with the aim of empowering women’s and girls’ rights. In light of this, this year’s theme highlights the importance of achieving equality for women and girls not simply because it is a fundamental human rights issue but because progress in so many aspects depends on its manifestation.
Furthermore, it is not a secret that countries that follow the principles of gender equality are economically better off than their gender insensitive counterparts.
In Malawi, progress remains far too slow and uneven even though efforts have been made to ensure gender equality in terms of access to primary school education, SRH&R services and access to soft for Small and medium scale business.
YONECO, a local NGO in Malawi has been very active in Malawi and the organisation has and is still committed to promoting gender equality. Through several interventions and a number of projects, the organisation has improved the livelihood and welfare of women and girls in Malawi.
What progress has been made in your country to promote women and girls rights?
Together let us work for women’s rights, empowerment. We can achieve gender equality in our societies as we strive to eliminate poverty and promote sustainable development. 
 Remember! Equality for Women is Progress for All

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