Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Youth and Their Right to Vote

Young people have a right to form their opinions and they need to express them freely without fear. Further to this, the youth also have the right to choose what is good for them in the society and this year, Malawi will hold tripartite elections. This is when the electorate will choose their ward councilors, parliamentarians as well as a president of their choice.
In this regard, those who are 18 years old and above will exercise their right to choose who they want to be in power up until the year 2019. The right to vote was bestowed upon the youth because they are capable of making right choices. They have the ability to make things work in the society and sometimes in a way that probably no one would imagine.
The youth form an entity that has an aptitude for social change and national prosperity. When the youth are involved in forming national agendas,   their overwhelming contribution is always rewarding. Almost everyone one knows this fact except, maybe, the youth themselves.
The question that we must ask ourselves is ‘why do the youth shun their rightful duty when it comes to taking part in issues of national importance?’
Do they feel it is the duty of older people or they think they are not wise enough? There could be a number of answers to this.
However, I consider it as an obligation of our local, religious and political leaders to encourage young people to participate actively in politics. My fellow young Malawians, remember that we have the tripartite elections ahead of us on the 20th of May this year and it is our right to vote for leaders of our choice.
Remember every vote counts...

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lemani said...

the youth out there should know that voting is one major step towards developing our society- they really need to consider their rightful duty.