Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Culture of Silence and HIV/AIDS

In most African countries, HIV prevalence rate among teenagers and young adults is very high. Surprisingly, the youth are unwilling to seek information pertaining to the pandemic.  This is a sad situation as it is statistically clear that they have no information on how they can prevent themselves and yet they do not want to seek guidance. In most communities, elders think that this is not an issue they can discuss with the youth and yet the youth are contracting the virus on daily basis because they are not fully aware of the virus.
It is time communities considered breaking the culture of silence and talk openly about it. This is a better way we can protect the lives of the youth. Adolescents have to be told about the reality of issues that concern their lives.
 Let me encourage the youth to set goals in life in order to prevent some risky behaviours. The youth need to desist from having multiple sex partners and abstain from sex or they should condomize.


Rose said...

the youth of now days are unruly,they don't listen to advices of elderly people.on top of that they don't have time to listen to adverts and programs that focuses on HIV/AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose for commenting but it is also our responsibility to sensitize the youth on HIV/AIDS issues