Saturday, 6 January 2018


By Mabhuchi Mujuma Nyasulu

Doll drumming over the years of drinking and smoking heavily. I discovered that ‘Urges’ are an invisible bad and ugly company to be-friend with. The worst thing is they make you dance to their tune and end up doing what you don’t want to do. 

Contrary to the mental independence of Young people, The Youths in particular, Malawi. There are, a - don’t want to be forced to do something - but rather, the subject to be brought around the table were they discuss in groups and express their opinion and experiences. I am glad to say that after the desire of freedom enters in my heart of change, this is how my mind balances my life style in overcoming ‘Urges’.

v  Doing exercise @ Home or go to the gymnastic;                                                                        whenever my heart is confronted  with the thirsts to smoke, my mind tells the ‘Urge ‘company to flee from me and do a 40 – 40 press up or else I get angry Go jogging.
v  Drinking something non-alcoholic;
My substitute to Cannabis it’s what I love to called Avocado syrup. It is a traditionally known as Chindongwa, Thobwa or Mahewu.The drink grows better when it ferment with pounded vegetable ital. fruits in it like Bananas and Avocados.
v  Take a shower or Laundry;
The consequence of adhering to ‘Urges’ is they don’t just frown your face they also spoil your pillow. Your Pillow is where you lay your head all night long.The very places were the mind rests, having a spare clean Pillow and Stockings is important.
v  Cooking Something Interesting;
My ‘Urge’ of smoke are totally dissolved with my favourite African Potato dish, which  heart yearns and it is served with a well boiled goat brown stew and mashed Irish potatoes.
v  Getting to watch a Video;
My ‘Urges ‘are now wrestled with my love to watch Educational movies. Inspecting the loop holes in the movie and my desire to raise the standards is esteemed. I have no doubt that it will make the world of wonderful counselling more serene.
v  Take a drive;
I have come to realise that to be uplifted in a tri - cycle, motor bike or motor vehicle. Time passes swiftly as if you are meditating. The mind is made to be active as if its introduced are new to the mother earth. The joy of riding in tales the life of an overcomer. The comfort it brings looking through the window as if the mind is browsing through the moving environment, I have no doubt that it’s healthy for the brain.
v  Have Sex;
The benefits of having sex  are that it eases stress; may make prostate cancer less likely; lessens pain; improves sleep; lowers heart risks; count as exercise; boost libido and  helps immune system humming. Though it’s considered a taboo by tradition.
v  Getting a haircut or Manicure;
I have managed to label my bold head hair style, Zero. When I look at the mirror I do admire myself and so my friends tell me so. I feel better than the illusions of the mind that are triggered by ‘Urges’.
v  Starting a woodwork project;
Apart from looking for a job, I do have a narc of designing anything which I see and call it lovely. Probably that how I was inspired to design my YONECO tie. With the few days I have worked at the Town drop in centre have seen children coming to eat and immediately off they go. It is necessary to launch a hands on project which transform the mind of street kids to do something positive in their life.
v  Go to the Library or book store;
Books they have an open arm of transforming the mind to be stable. Learning something new every day it is an excellent habit of transforming our dreams to reality.
v  Write an autobiography;
I found it worth it to Google my genealogy on the internet discover my refined identity which is worth it to speak better things about. You never know that you are greater than what you think. A man’s memory is bound to be a distortion of his past in accordance with his present interests, and most faithful autobiography is likely to mirror less what a man was than what he has become

There is a need to adhere to counselling and consultation time after time

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