Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Exploring the Dangers of Using Sex Stimulant Drugs among Young People

some of the sexual prowess drugs used
The use of sex stimulant herbs and drugs has become rampant among young people in the country as an effort to reach certain degrees of sexual performance and pleasure.

As a scribe who is dedicated to develop and enhance the lives of welfare of young people, I thought it wise to have a chart with one of the old men who sell traditional sex stimulant herbs, powders and some concoctions to young people.

During our conversation, I learnt various vernacular brand names which the sex stimulants are called. The old man’s stocks had names like Nkhondo Kubedi, Nthuburo, Gondolosi, Tseketseke and Mamuna Sagonja and many other funny names

At face value, these names tell a lot in terms of their perceived potency and the brand names are worth tempting an individual to part with his or her hard earned money hoping to experience what the names suggest
The old man proudly told me that over the last few years, his business of selling these concoctions and herbs is constantly flourishing as he now has a wide market base. 

 To my dismay, the business man told me that in the past, most of his customers were old men aged fifty and others above the age who felt that their performance in bed had reached sunset. With a cunning smile on his face, the man told me that young people are now his greatest customers. The old man further boasted that he serves about 20 young males every day.

You can agree with me that it is not only him who is involved in this kind of business.  There are many others in this business across the country and this customer base shows how lucrative this business has become because of young people below the age of 24.

On the same note, there are also other foreign drugs such Viagra, Levitra and foreign concoctions that have flooded the market in Malawi.

According to some medical specialists in the field, the hype in the use of aphrodisiacs has been attributed to a number of factors such as physiological, cultural perceptions, peer pressure, pornography and lack of information about sexual reproductive health among many young people.

Sadly, our society defines masculinity by one’s sexual ability. Consequently, those who feel that they are not up to the expectations resort to use drugs and herbs to achieve this.

I have been pressed to write this article by the dark and ugly sides of taking both the traditional and imported drugs that explore ones sexual prowess without proper consultation and prescription by qualified medical personnel.

Studies have shown that most of these herbs and drugs can damage one’s reproductive system, the liver as well as cause instant death to people who have hypertension and diabetes.

Young people are supposed to be aware that aphrodisiacs are dangerous to their health and it is a pity that many young people are ignorantly using sex stimulant drugs and herbs without knowing the disastrous side effects which the trusted concoctions have on their heath.

Let me implore the government and other Non- Governmental Organizations to carry out more awareness activities to protect the healthy wellbeing of our reliable young people.

And to my fellow youths; I urge you to come out from your shells and consult qualified medical personnel so that you should have comprehensive knowledge about sexual reproductive health and enjoy its associated rights. 

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