Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Drawing Lessons from the Tale of Two Friends

By: Alfred Mwanda 

Waziona and Tambwali were best friends. They helped one another in times of sorrows and frustrations. Their wives also interacted very well and they were lucky and they all thanked almighty God for giving them such loving and caring husbands.

Both Tambwali and Waziona were working at a post office, although the two were good firiends, Tambwali was admiring the wife of Waziona and secretly he was doing everything possible to entice Waziona`s wife for them to engage in a secret sexual relationship.

On the morning of monday as they were going to work, Tambwali told waziona that he was not feeling well, therefore, he said he will not be able to work as required and he asked Waziona if he can be allowed to go back home and have some bed rest, in response Waziona said “my friend do not force yourself to report for duties when you are not feeling well, go home and have some rest, I will inform the supervisor on the same.”

Tambwali happily went back to his house, upon arrival his wife welcomed him, however, she was wondering as to why he has returned from the work at such early hours. Tambwali went straight to the bedroom and changed the clothes, thereafter he told his wife that he was going to deliver things to his friend`s wife.  Though Tambwali`s wife insisted to know the type of things he wanted to deliver but Tambwali did not reveal, saying his wife has no mandate to question his husband on everything he does.

A few hours later, Tambwali arrived at Waziona`s house and he was cordially welcomed by Waziona`s wife, 

Takulandirani alamu!” (welcome!) Screamed waziona`s wife. 

Tambwali started clearing his throat by saying: mlamu all along I have been wondering as to why a beautiful woman like you, that deserve to be crowned Miss Malawi married to simple and villagish waziona, you know quite me right, you are misusing yourself by only relying to that man Waziona, I wish you well thats why I have decided to come and have a side meeting with you for the benefit of you.

Ha,ha,ha laughed Waziona`s wife ,  Alamu am I dreaming, how can you say that? Is my husband not your friend? “I have no problem with Mr Waziona he gives me happines thats all what I need from him.” Tambwali upon hearing this, he fished out K20,000 from his pocket and said to Waziona`s wife, here is the money you can buy anything you wishes, to this end, Waziona hits the nail on his head by saying to Waziona`s wife that the two should be in secret sexual relationship.

Later the relationship started and one day Tambwali and the wife of waziona agreed to go and enjoy the view of the Lake Malawi in Mangochi. Both of them cheated their spouse that they are visiting their relatives in their respective villages and indeed the trip to mangochi was organised.

On the way back from the lake they had an accident in which both of them sustained serious injuries and they were rushed to hospital. Waziona and the wife of Tambwali got the news of the accident and immediately they went to hospital where both Tambwali and Wazion`s wife were admitted.  They were all shocked to learn that Tambwali and Waziona's wife were together in the vehicle which Tambwali hired. Furthermore, the fact that  they were in mangochi giving each other memorable moments made them to cry like hungry babies looking for their mothers to breast feed them. Nobody believed that  Tambwali was cheating and going out with his friend's wife.

Readers,  according to what happened ...

1.     Should waziona forgive his friend Tambwali ?

2.     should tambwali's wife be the guardian of Tambwali at the hospital, considering the fact that Tambwali cheated her ?

3.     Who is to blame between Tambwali and Waziona`s wife? [give the reason for your answer]

4.     What do you think could be done to re-unite Tambwali and Waziona?

Note: questions above are voluntary, such that you are not forced to answer all questions, you can answer one of them or give a general comment based on the story.

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