Friday, 14 February 2014

Reflections on Valentine’s Day & SRH

Today is a beautiful day more, especially to the youthful lovebirds who have not been in the game for so long.  Most young lovers are in high spirits and all their talk is about today, the 14th February which happens to be Valentine’s Day.
 It is a time whereby people show that they really care about their lovers whether a Fiancé or fiancée, paramour, husband or wife. However, most young lover’s over excitement sometimes leads to undesirable consequencies.
Young people should not perceive this day as different from other days- they should still remember that they can either contract or transmit STIs to their so called lover. As such, they should abstain from sex and if they fail to do so, they should practice safe sex by using a condom.
Valentines is all about spreading and showing some love, care and affection not sexually transmitted infections.
My fellow Young people should remember to abstain from sex, if not then they should condomize on this beautiful day.  They should remember to access Sexual Reproductive Health Services at Youth Health Service Providers and Youth Centers.
Have A good Weekend &Happy Valentines Day!!!


sithembile said...

of unwanted pregnancies??? .tell the youth there are so many ways of
showing love rather than having sex,tell them to avoid being in places
where no one sees them.highlight how they can avoid having sex on this

Anonymous said...

thanks sithembile for your argument,let me help lusungu by informing you that when one condomise unwanted pregnancies are avoided.may be you wanted her to highlight that some of the consequences of having unprotected sex are unwanted pregnancies which can delay the progress of ones future if that youth is still in school.its not that she is encouraging the youth to have sex but she is highlighting that if they cant abstain there is a way out to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Unknown said...

Surprising it might seem, my interaction with young people have revealed that they are more fearful of unwanted pregnancies than HIV or STI's. Its a questions which is still lingering and left unanswered. Is that when one gets pregnant its known by everyone.

In the case of a teenager has been impregnanted, are the parents concerned or bothered with the HIV status of their child? At times they just opt for their daughter to be married and case closed.

Food for thought